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1. What is call accounting?

2.Why call accounting software is needed?

3.How does call accounting work?

4.Which factors are to be considered on evaluating a call accounting software?

5.Can Call Register reports be viewed in other formats?

6.Will Call Register save my company money?

7.Why choose Call Register over other call accounting?  



1. What is call accounting?


Most telephone systems output detailed information about each and every call. A  Call Accounting application collects this information and allows you to generate reports on it.  Globally call accounting software is very popular software among the companies. Although the main users are the hotels, motels, rest houses and other commercial business houses for their billing purpose, but this is also very much used by the corporates. If we go through the existing call accounting softwares available in global marketplace, the majority is there are a lot of variation in these products. Major variations are the office version for the corporates, billing version for the commercial houses or hotels and the net version for upper end users.



2. Why call accounting software is needed ?


The accumulated data from a call accounting system can be put to good use in a variety of ways:


i.          Allocating telephone calling costs among departments and divisions.

ii.         Billing clients and projects back for telephone charges incurred on their behalf. Great for lawyers,   government contractors, etc.

iii.        Sharing and resale of long distance and local phone calls, as in a hotel/motel, hospital, share

            condominium, etc.

iv.        Motivating salespeople.

v.         Personnel evaluation.

vi.        Tracing calls.

vii.       Controlling telephone misuse.

viii.      Long distance bill verification.

ix.        Network optimization.

x.         Phone system diagnostics.




3. How does call accounting work?


Regardless of their size, most telephone systems output Call Detail Records (CDR).  Generally, these get created at the end of a call but on some phone systems the data will get spit out during the call.  This data is generally output from the phone system by a serial link known as the SMDR (Station Message Detail Record) port. The call specific data is provided in a format that can be utilized to create a database and generate reports.  

These outputs range from legible to cryptic.  Call Accounting applications abstract from this information and produce generic reports about it.  Generally these reports will include fields like:

Time, Date, Duration, Number dialed, Caller ID information, Extension, Line/trunk, Cost  

A standalone computer system running call accounting software is attached directly to the SMDR port. Records are stored to hard disk immediately. Analysis and reporting proceeds from the console, or through workstations attached to the main system over the network. As call records are captured, the call accounting system decodes them and converts them to database records - usually in a standard format. Further analysis is performed on the converted database.



4. Which factors are to be considered on evaluating a call accounting software?


1.         Do you want to collect and merge information from multiple sites 

2.         Do you use LAN / WAN

3.         What sort of reporting options are you looking for 

4.         Do you want to be able to create custom reports 

5.         How fast are the reports generated 

6.         How many phones are on your phone system and how many calls you need to handle

7.         Password protection

8.         Do you want a hardware based system

9.         Do you want Microsoft Windows or OS/2?

10.        Does it require dedicated hardware?

11.        Do you need to interface to a property management system or to tie into other external applications

12.        Use flexibility



5. Can Call Register® reports be viewed in other formats?


The data from Call Register® can be exported to popular windows file formats.



6. Will call register save my company money?  


Call Register® are designed to track all types of telephone expense from your companies PABX telephone system and your actual telecom billings formats provided from your telecommunications vendors. Management of calling information involving PBX records and telecom bills is crucial in controlling the ever increasing cost of telephone charges and to validate carrier billing methods and formats.



7. Why choose Call Register® over other call accounting?


Secured database

Merging options

Network sharable

Multitasking, so no additional PC required

Easy operation

PABX or Hardware independent


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